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ProMeris for Dogs - 88 - 110 lbs - 3 tubes

ProMeris for Dogs - 88 - 110 lbs - 3 tubes
Part# 413
Type Flea & Tick
Brand ProMeris
Pack Size 3 tubes
Pet For Dogs
Pet Weight 88 - 110 lbs
Expires 2014-Oct-1
User Rating  [Rate It!]
5 out of 5
(10 times)  [View Details!]

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ProMeris® is a topical, waterproof spot-on medication for the control of existing flea and tick infestations, as well as the prevention of re-infestation, in dogs and cats 8 weeks and older. ProMeris is the perfect flea and tick solution for your dog or cat.


The recommended minimum dose for dogs is 20 mg/kg bodyweight for each of metaflumizone and amitraz, equivalent to 0.133 ml/kg bodyweight.

Color Pets Weight (lb) Weight (kg) metaflumizone
(w/ amitraz)
Blue Small Cats under 9lbs under 4.5kg 0.8ml
Blue Large Cats over 9lbs over 4.5kg 1.6ml
Orange XS Dogs 0 - 11lbs 0 - 5kg 0.67ml
Orange Small Dogs 11 - 22lbs 5.1 - 10kg 1.33ml
Orange Medium Dogs 22 - 55lbs 10.1 - 25kg 3.33ml
Orange Large Dogs 55 - 88lbs 25.1 - 40kg 5.33ml
Orange XL Dogs 88 - 110lbs 40.1 - 50kg 6.66ml

For: Dogs & Cats (8 weeks of age and older) 

Once a month treatment
Easy to apply
Product is waterproof

How it works

ProMeris contains the active flea control ingredient, metaflumizone. This compound features an exclusive mode of action that attacks the flea?s nervous system by blocking neuronal sodium channels, which results in paralysis and death. In addition to metaflumizone, ProMeris contains amitraz, well recognized to provide broad-spectrum control of ticks.


Side effects may occur if product is licked after application. When used between the shoulder blades, as directed, licking isn?t an issue. Amitraz is a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI). Do not use any other MAOI products such as Preventic Collar, Mitaban Dip, Anipryl, or Selegiline while using ProMeris for Dogs or Cats.

5 - by anonymous on 2013-Apr-6

The most excellent product for demodectic mange ever-I rescued a dobergirl who cycled in and out of "bloomings", each time we fight hard to get her health back-still, her feet never cleared up completely. So after 3 vets, found one willing to "risk"
5 - by Zach, Gainesville, FL, United States on 2012-Nov-29
Wish it wasn't discontinued! - I am the shelter manager for a humane society that does about 1000 adoptions a year, and the fact that I can only buy Promeris off here or from vets that still have leftovers kills me! In 2-3 once-a-month treatments, this product completely clears up Demodectic Mange (not sarcoptic mange or 'scabies,' mind you). Once I can no longer find it, I will have to default to daily ivermectin treatment, greatly increasing the time, labor, and cost of treatment. This will reduce the number of demodectic dogs we can treat and adopt out considerably! Darn you, Pfizer! Otherwise, this product is amazing while it still exists..
5 - by kelli jo on 2011-Nov-11
best thing on the market - best thing on the market at this time, my vet highly recommended.advantage and frontline are not working anymore, i have Never had a problem with pro meris. i will be very upset if they take it off the market
5 - by Florida Girl, Florida, USA on 2011-Nov-4
This is Awesome Stuff - I have a dog that is half lab half golden retriever. He is long haired and had ticks and fleas really bad. I was not able to get rid of them until the doctor gave him Promeris. I use it faithfully now. I hear they stopped making it, so you may want to jump on this!
5 - by Rebecca Gail, Atlanta, GA on 2011-Aug-6
Great product - Fast shipping, great product. My dogs have not had any bad reactions. I make sure to keep the dogs separated after applying, so that they can't lick it off eachother.
5 - by Fuzzy, KS, USA on 2011-Jun-27
Wonderful Product - I have used this for 2 years now on my lab/husky mix. He always had issues using other products until this one. With this one he no longer gets sores from the chemicals in it. I would love to continue using this product but was recently informed by my vet that it is being discontinued. I don't know what I'll do once it can't be found anymore. I'm stocking up.
5 - by Gracie, Mid America on 2011-Jun-25
Works for CHRONIC MITE MANGE - My Vet recommended Promeris for my Boston Terrier who was suffering from sores and infection caused by mite mange. I had never encountered mange before. Promeris was used every 3 weeks until manges started to clear and heal. Now I use it every 5 weeks to keep him clear. i used it on all 6 of my dogs ranging from 2 rat terriers to 2 large mix dogs and have had no bad reactions. My mom used it on her wire haired terrier and felt she had a bad reaction. I've used it for 2 years now without problems. I used it on my other dogs (non-mange) only about 3 times per year her in Missouri. My Boston Terrier no longer has mange.
5 - by Cute Odyssey "Maria A. Brunetto", San Diego on 2011-May-20
Great product. - Great product. I had to purchase this as I had a dog with Mange. Very good product. Delivery was fast and the seller was the nicer seller ever in the UNIVERSE. Thank you so much.
5 - by Terry L. Conrad "Terry in Tennessee", Tennessee on 2010-Nov-23
Best Topical Flea/Tick Control Product On Market - We began using Promeris approx. 4 months ago at the advise of our veteranarian to treat two of our dogs for red mange. It has cleared up their skin and stopped the hairloss with complete regrowth. It also is effective in managing flea and tick infestation whereas the other topical flea/tick products which have been available for years quit working several years ago.
5 - by Texaswomyn, Texas on 2010-Oct-21
Miracle for demodectic mange and good for fleas, too - I was given a small dog almost 4 years ago by a woman who works at the local animal shelter. He was scheduled to be euthanized that day because he was so sick: demodectic mange, practically hairless, staph infection on skin, eyes, ears. I immediately took him to the vet who prescibed a regimen of powerful dips and antibiotics. He got a little better, grew a little hair, eyes cleared up, then he would cycle back into illness. Back to the vet every couple of months, all the while poisoning him with dip. After the first year, I began to believe I'd done the little fella no favor by saving his life, as he was literally sick more than he was not. I took him to the vet yet again, but this time she said she wanted to try something new - Promeris. Though labeled for fleas and ticks, one of its ingredients seemed to be effective on demodectic mange. I left with a box of Promeris, antibiotics for staph, sorrow for this baby (his name is Wookie) and little hope in my heart. Unbelieveably, after a couple of weeks, the mange went away. Hair grew. And grew. And grew. He needed grooming! His eyes cleared, his ears cleared. His spirits improved and his great personality began to emerge. It was - A MIRACLE. And three years later, no recurrance of any of the symptoms. None. He's healthy, happy, loves to be held and fawned over (and without the "staphy" skin and smell, a delight to hold). One pill, once a month. While I cannot guaranteed all dogs with demodectic mange will have such a dramatic improvement, it was a lifesaver for Wookie.

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